Emilio Barnes is a self-taught painter and illustrator from London creating under the name Ultrafry. His current body of work focuses on creating a harmony between a variety of juxtaposing influences – nature, eastern traditional arts, graffiti, animation, super sentai, and fast tempo-ed music such as grime, jazz and drum’n’bass. Throughout his work, these inspired elements are glued together into bodies of energetic, vibrant and psychedelic compositions.
Fry’s process is to initially break apart and acknowledge the ingredients of a subject, reassembling a new structure whilst just as importantly subtracting any components deemed unnecessary. Each piece results in speaking a dynamic, detailed and beautiful statement.

‘Ultra’ – Derived from the song/album title ‘Ultravisitor’ by Squarepusher, a musician he considers a timeless inspiration to his work.
‘Fry’ – A term he’s given to the burning physical state endured whilst experiencing strong episodes of sleep paralysis

Currently seeking agency and gallery representation

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